Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany!

Why I Went Vegan

why I went vegan pig

I went vegan in early March of this year. A few people in my life have asked me why. I’ve created this post as an easy-to-read (and hopefully easy to google translate!) response. With the exception of reviewing vegan restaurants while traveling, it’s unlikely that this topic will come up again. It doesn’t fit the theme of my blog. Next…Continue Reading

Visit to the Tierpark Essehof

Tierpark Essehof Meerkats

A few weeks ago, we visited the Tierpark Essehof in (you guessed it) Essehof, Germany. It’s basically like a petting zoo, if petting zoos were fun. Well, I mean; petting zoos are fun for me, because I will take any opportunity to hang out with animals. They’re better than most people, after all. So, I guess I should say “if…Continue Reading

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

customer service germany

If you’re preparing yourself for a move to Germany, or even just a visit, you may have come across complaints about customer service. Or, more accurately, the lack of customer service. I certainly did, which led me to dig a little deeper into the subject before our 2015 visit. Sure enough, googling “customer service in Germany” gets you a lot of results saying…Continue Reading