Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany. Awkwardness guaranteed!

Getting Wasted on Father’s Day: A German Tradition

vatertag himmelfahrt drunk

Father’s Day isn’t a big deal in America. Your average American dad gets a card his wife forced the kids to sign and maybe a tie. In Germany, things are a bit…different. I can’t say for sure if men get gifts here, but I do know one thing they get here: shit-faced. In Germany, Father’s Day (Vatertag) and Ascension Day (Himmelfahrt) are combined.…Continue Reading

Outdoor Lifestyle for Apartment Cats in Germany

German apartment cat ladder

If you’re renting an apartment in Germany, chances are you have neighbors with cats that regularly go outside. While that might seem perfectly normal to your average German, I personally found it to be one of the strangest aspects of life in Germany. In the USA (at least, where I’m from) you only have an outdoor cat if you live…Continue Reading

How Rude! Are Germans too Direct?

direct rude German

If you’ve done any research into German culture, you’ve likely come across blogs, articles and forum discussions on the subject of German directness. Less politically-correct results may even simply state that Germans are rude. It’s a topic of discussion as old as time; or, at least, as old as the Internet’s mainstream popularity. There is a lot of material on the subject,…Continue Reading

Lemme Give You that Beep Beep: Getting a German Driver’s License

German driver's license

I try to ride my bike every day, for at least a half hour. Lately, with it being so cold, it’s been hard to find the motivation. Usually, the “motivation” finds me in that I have an errand to run and my bike is my only means of transport. For my first six months in Germany, I could drive here…Continue Reading

Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany

Chaos Communication Congress

I’ve had access to a computer and the Internet since about age nine. If you’re young, that probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. I’m 30-years-old, though; not many of my fellow Americans were going online in the mid-90’s. From day one, I was obsessed. While other kids were sneaking out of the house, I was sneaking online. Getting grounded…Continue Reading