Trigger Me This


A “trigger,” as defined by psychologists, is any stimuli that causes a person to relive a traumatic event. Fireworks, for example, could causes a refugee to feel as though she is back in her war-torn home country, fleeing gunfire. A man in line for a coffee may be sent into a panic attack when a certain song comes on the cafe’s playlist, because it was the song playing in the background when he was raped.

Some triggers, like the two mentioned above, are often unavoidable: you can’t stop people from setting off fireworks during holidays, and you (probably) can’t force your local cafes to stop playing a popular song. However, there are many forms of media where it’s easy to add a quick content warning to the beginning of your piece.

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Where Do We Go From Here?


I’m not going to lie: I am still reeling from Clinton’s loss. I am afraid of dark days to come for everyone who is not a straight, white male.

I spent yesterday alternating between grief and fury. I’ve done my crying and my lashing out. But today, I’ve also found the motivation to look past this horrible situation our nation now finds itself in, and my eyes are on the future.

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A Trump Victory is a Loss for Humanity


Like many Americans today, I am devastated. Not just because “the other side won,” but because of what a Trump victory says about my country, and what it means for our future. President Obama’s eight years gave me hope that we weren’t as bad as the rest of the world thought we were. After all, if we could elect Obama in a landslide, wasn’t that a sign that progressive values were winning against regressive, conservative views?

I was never deluded enough to think racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. were “over”, but I was naive enough to think that Obama was a turning point.

How wrong I was.

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Invasion of the “Fake” Geeks

All right, this is a stick up! Hand over your geek cred and nobody gets hurt…

Halloween has come and gone, and I didn’t see a single person dressed as Harley Quinn. Oh, I’ve heard the prophecies: fake geek girls who have never even READ the comics will be out in droves, wearing -gasp!- store-bought Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costumes!

Tremble ye nerdy, and despair.

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