Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany!

Post-Apocalyptic Playgrounds in Wolfsburg, Germany

fallout five German playground

Playgrounds in Germany range from the average to the impressive. There are a lot of them, too; in my little city of Wolfsburg alone, with a population just over 120k, you’re within a 5 minute walk of a playground from basically any starting point. Depending on where you live, that might not sound so impressive; for me, though, it’s definitely…Continue Reading

Monkeying Around at the Hannover Adventure Zoo

orangutan Hanover Zoo

The Hannover Zoo is the fifth-oldest zoo in Germany and contains around 237 different species. My husband and I, along with two good friends, recently had the chance to visit. There are several different themed areas, including the African savanna, the jungles of Asia, the Australian outback, and the Yukon. They also have an area called Gorilla Mountain, which houses…Continue Reading

A Bugs Life: Creepy-Crawlies in Germany

slug Germany

Bugs! They’re (mostly) disgusting! They’re also everywhere; especially here in Germany. This post contains a (blurry) photo of a spider, so if you don’t want to see that…turn away now!   …OK, just the brave folks left? Great! Of all the stereotypes I’d heard about Germany before moving here, “there’s a lot of bugs” definitely wasn’t one of them. It’s…Continue Reading

Cycling Along the Rhine River in Germany, Part 2

Rhine Cycling Trip

My husband and I recently completed a 5-day cycling trip along the Rhine River in Germany. This post covers the last three days of our vacation. If you’d like to read about the first half, which is full of castles and deadly toboggan rides, click here! Day 3 On our third day, we stopped to explore Stolzenfels Castle. Many important…Continue Reading

Cycling Along the Rhine River in Germany

cycling Rhine

Cycling along the Rhine River is a popular Summer vacation here in Germany. So much so, that there are tourism companies dedicated to planning your entire cycling trip. They book all your hotels and transport your items, so you don’t have lug them around on your bike like some kind of peasant. Not sure where you’re going? No idea how…Continue Reading

No Kangaroos in Austria: A Vienna Travel Guide

Mozart statue Vienna

I’ve recently returned from an amazing two-week stay in Vienna, Austria. I was there for the Goethe Institute’s 2-week language and culture course. We spent about 4 hours learning German every morning, and the rest of the day was centered around leisure activities. Of course, you’re under no obligation to do any of these activities. If you want, you can explore…Continue Reading