Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany!

Halloween, German Style

Halloween in Germany

A recent poll has revealed that many Germans don’t like Halloween. That’s a real shame, as it’s quite clearly the best holiday. Also, they could really use a buffer between Summer and Christmas. There have been Christmas decorations for sale here since late September, and the Christmas lights have been glowing downtown since mid October. Bah, humbug.

Invasion of the “Fake” Geeks

Halloween has come and gone, and I didn’t see a single person dressed as Harley Quinn. Oh, I’ve heard the prophecies: fake geek girls who have never even READ the comics will be out in droves, wearing -gasp!- store-bought Suicide Squad Harley Quinn costumes! Tremble ye nerdy, and despair.

Halloween Party 2016

Janet Snakehole Halloween Party

This past Saturday, Jan and I went to our friend Rob’s annual Halloween party. My phone didn’t agree with the lighting in most of the house, so my pictures didn’t turn out great, but I did manage to get a few that were great quality for a camera phone! …in 2010.

Promises, Promises (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1… Cass waited for nearly a week before the witch made her next move. He had ordered the mayor to have all of the town’s children sleep in the local church at night, insisting it was for their safety. That was mostly bullshit; churches offered squat in the way of protection, but at least the kids were now all in one place and,…Continue Reading

Promises, Promises

Their first confrontation was in a small town called Becket in Louisiana. She was luring children into the swamp with fairy lights, harvesting their organs, and dumping their remains into the water so the gators would cover her tracks. The adults in town were understandably in a right panic as to why their children were suddenly sneaking off in the middle of the…Continue Reading

At the Precipice

The climb is different for everyone. For a lucky few, the incline is moderate, and begins toward the end of a long, easy stroll. Most, of course, are not so fortunate; long or short, their climb is steep and exhausting from the beginning, with little to no reprieve. But no matter the climber, I am always there to greet them at the precipice. The…Continue Reading

Life’s no Fun Without a Good Scare

Mysterium Board Game

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I had some friends over for a “spooky” board game night to kick off the month of Halloween October, AKA the most wonderful time of the year. The main attraction of the night was Mysterium, a cooperative, vaguely Clue-like game set in a haunted mansion. The premise of the game is that you are psychics…Continue Reading