Stories from my life and travels as an American immigrant in Germany!

More Cultural Differences Between Germany and America

Germans and Americans: surprisingly similar in many ways…and completely different in others. I’ve already covered several of the major cultural differences on this blog; from pay toilets and post-apocalyptic Sundays, to Christmas markets and produce-themed races. Here are a few more in no particular order. You Can’t Do that on (American) Television Germans (and Europeans in general) are much more…Continue Reading

Nuremberg, Germany: A Long Weekend in Bavaria

nuremberg germany

Nuremberg, like many German cities, was destroyed by bombs towards the end of WWII. Instead of being completely modernized, many of the medieval buildings were restored or recreated, including parts of the old city wall. While these meticulously-restored buildings are spread throughout the city, the area with the highest concentration surrounds the Imperial Castle. This was our first stop after…Continue Reading

A Long Weekend in The Hague and Rotterdam

the hague

Over the holiday weekend last May, I went back to The Netherlands; this time, to The Hague and Rotterdam. While Americans were busy celebrating Memorial Day (if they’re lucky enough to even have it off), Germans celebrated Father’s Day. OK, technically the official holiday is Ascension Day, but everyone here knows the real holiday is Vatertag. Father’s Day in Germany is…interesting. If you’d like…Continue Reading

Pay-to-Pee: Public Toilets in Germany

public toilets germany

Pay toilets: like pay-to-play, but worse. Although peeing for free is a God-given right in ‘Muricah, you’ll find that’s not (usually) the case in Germany. Indeed, it’s not the case in most of Europe. You can expect to pay at least 50 cents every time nature calls while you’re out in public. Sometimes, even if you’re a paying customer in…Continue Reading

Teaching English in Germany: A Reality Check

teaching english Germany

Teaching English to adults in Germany is a fun, rewarding experience. I know that I’ve personally enjoyed my time here as an EFL (English as a foreign language) teacher. But is it right for everyone? A lot of English teachers share the positives of teaching English to adults in Germany while glossing over the negatives, which I feel does a…Continue Reading

Dating in America: A Guide for German Expats

dating America German expat

If you’re a single German moving to the USA, you might be wondering what the dating “scene” will be like in America. This article covers the differences (and similarities) between the US and Germany when it comes to dating. I’ll also share the best places to meet your potential American boyfriend or girlfriend. Where to Meet Mr. or Ms. Right…Continue Reading

Social Norms in America: A Guide for German Expats

social norms America Germany

Social norms. Germany and America share a lot of similarities, but there are a few key differences. Are you a German planning a move to America? This post covers the most important social norms to keep in mind as a German expat. After all, as any true German knows…it’s best to come prepared. Also, los geht’s! Fashionably Late If someone…Continue Reading

Making Friends in America: A Guide for German Expats

Making friends America German Expat

Making friends as an adult is hard, but it’s not impossible. Are you a German expat planning a move to America? It may not seem like it right now, but you’re actually in a very good position to make new friends. Yes, even if you’re introverted or shy. Yes, even if you’re “bad at small talk.” The trick is that…Continue Reading

Culture Shock: A Quick Guide to Germany

culture shock Germany

Culture shock. It happens to everyone. Well, everyone living in a new country, anyway. I definitely experienced my fair share during my first few months in Germany. Are you planning a move to Deutschland as well? Nothing beats experience, but with a little preparation, you can make your own move to Germany go as smoothly as possible. Here are some…Continue Reading