Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany. Awkwardness guaranteed!

Things I Never Thought I’d Miss: Apartment Numbers

apartment numbers in Germany

Did you know that most apartment buildings in Germany doesn’t use apartment numbers? If you would have answered “yes” before reading the post heading, you’re either German, a current (or former) resident, a trivia enthusiast, or a liar. To everyone who answered “no,” I would have been right there with you, if I was still living in the USA. But,…Continue Reading

Unexpected Differences: It’s Rainy and there are Slugs Everywhere

Wolfsburg, Germany

After nearly dying from the heatwave in NYC, the cooler temperatures here were a welcome change. …for the first day or so. Now, I’m getting a little tired of all the rain. Of all the ideas about Germany that I had in my head, a lot of rain wasn’t one of them. Mercifully, the weather has taken a nicer turn…Continue Reading

First Day in Germany, First Day in “Poo-partment”

Buttmann Germany

“…my husband and I have been affectionately referring to this place as “poo-partment” since April 2016. You see, one of his lovely upstairs neighbors does not understand proper disposal of cooking oil, and had been dumping what I have to assume were the remains of his latest schnitzel down the drain. That caused a pipe in our kitchen to backup and dirty water went everywhere.”