New York City, 2017

Bridge View - Edited

I feel like a broken record saying this, but: it’s been a while, hasn’t it? A lot has happened since my last update! Up until two weeks ago, my husband and I were extremely busy planning for our move to Germany. It’s been a little stressful, but I’m very happy to say that the hard part of getting documents, moving logistics and goodbye parties in order are over, and we are now officially in Germany! We’ve been here nearly two weeks now, and although I still have some adjusting to do (and German to learn) I am very excited to be here. Soon, I’ll be regaling you twice a week with a bit of schadenfreude, as this blog becomes less travel (for now) and more “here are some awkward situations I’ve gotten myself into while getting used to my new country.”

Before all that, though, I want to tell you about the short vacation to New York that we took in between handing over our U.S. apartment, and flying to our new home.

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