Stories from my life and travels as an American immigrant in Germany!

Tierpark Hagenbeck in Hamburg, Germany

polar bear Tierpark Hagenbeck

Tierpark Hagenbeck is a zoo in Hamburg, Germany. It’s notable for being the first zoo to use moats, rather than barred cages, for their animal enclosures. It’s also known for being the filming location of my favorite German TV show, Leopard, Seeb√§r und Co. I’ve been wanting to visit for a very long time. In fact, I’ve had tickets since…Continue Reading

Visit to the Tierpark Essehof

Tierpark Essehof Meerkats

A few weeks ago, we visited the Tierpark Essehof in (you guessed it) Essehof, Germany. It’s basically like a petting zoo, if petting zoos were fun. Well, I mean; petting zoos are fun for me, because I will take any opportunity to hang out with animals. They’re better than most people, after all. So, I guess I should say “if…Continue Reading