Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany!

Stuck in the Middle With You

He wasn’t supposed to be here. The first human he met, Abigail, referred to the town he had crash-landed in as the “middle of nowhere,” not realizing just how apt a description that was. It wasn’t just that they were in a “podunk” town (her words, not his) in “backwoods”  (also her words) Tennessee; to the rest of the universe, the…Continue Reading

Promises, Promises (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1… Cass waited for nearly a week before the witch made her next move. He had ordered the mayor to have all of the town’s children sleep in the local church at night, insisting it was for their safety. That was mostly bullshit; churches offered squat in the way of protection, but at least the kids were now all in one place and,…Continue Reading

Promises, Promises

Their first confrontation was in a small town called Becket in Louisiana. She was luring children into the swamp with fairy lights, harvesting their organs, and dumping their remains into the water so the gators would cover her tracks. The adults in town were understandably in a right panic as to why their children were suddenly sneaking off in the middle of the…Continue Reading


They were already at it again; only this time, Quinn had her blade at Lord Bowren’s throat. At this point, Garen would have loved more than anything to say “fuck it” and let her finish him off, but they had a job to do, and that job required Lord Bowren arriving both alive and in one piece. “Cut it out, you two,”…Continue Reading

“There’s no other witnesses…”

There’s no other witnesses, just us two…” I say, after turning away and crossing my arms against the biting cold. Of all the places, why the hedge maze? Why outside, in November? At least it’s not snowing… “…so?” she squeaks; the way her voice cracks is irritating. “So…don’t get too excited, because it doesn’t count. Besides, you have to do…Continue Reading