Stories from my life and travels as an American expat in Germany!

American Expat’s First Day in Wolfsburg, Germany

Wolfsburg Germany American Expat

“…my husband and I have been affectionately referring to this place as “poo-partment” since April 2016. You see, one of his lovely upstairs neighbors does not understand proper disposal of cooking oil, and had been dumping what I have to assume were the remains of his latest schnitzel down the drain. That caused a pipe in our kitchen to backup and dirty water went everywhere.”

At the Precipice

The climb is different for everyone. For a lucky few, the incline is moderate, and begins toward the end of a long, easy stroll. Most, of course, are not so fortunate; long or short, their climb is steep and exhausting from the beginning, with little to no reprieve. But no matter the climber, I am always there to greet them at the precipice. The…Continue Reading