Stories from my life and travels as an American immigrant in Germany!

Don’t Stand so Close to Me: Personal Space in Germany

personal space Germany

Personal space is very important to your average American. Maybe it’s because we’re used to having (or coveting, in the case of many city dwellers) a lot of space. Either way, we don’t like to be near strangers. Hell, some of us don’t even hug close friends or family; we say hello from a respectable arms’ length away. We like…Continue Reading

Amsterdam: Two Days in the City of Canals

Amsterdam canal bikes

Amsterdam: a city best-known for legal prostitution and pot. As a potential visitor, you might find yourself wondering: IS there much to do if I’m not part of a British stag party? As it turns out, yes! There’s so more to this legendary city than just the red light district. There are great restaurants, amazing breweries, beautiful parks, unique shops, and…Continue Reading

Food Fight! Supermarkets in Germany VS America

German supermarkets grocery stores

At first glance, supermarkets in Germany appear quite similar to their American counterparts. Grocery stores like Real and Rewe look just like any Kroger or Meijer back in my home state of Michigan. Aldi looks a lot like, well…Aldi. Sure, sometimes the layout may be a bit different, but it’s basically the same, right? In many ways, yes. There are…Continue Reading

Post-Apocalyptic Playgrounds in Wolfsburg, Germany

fallout five German playground

Playgrounds in Germany range from the average to the impressive. There are a lot of them, too; in my little city of Wolfsburg alone, with a population just over 120k, you’re within a 5 minute walk of a playground from basically any starting point. Depending on where you live, that might not sound so impressive; for me, though, it’s definitely…Continue Reading

Monkeying Around at the Hannover Adventure Zoo

orangutan Hanover Zoo

The Hannover Zoo is the fifth-oldest zoo in Germany and contains around 237 different species. My husband and I, along with two good friends, recently had the chance to visit. There are several different themed areas, including the African savanna, the jungles of Asia, the Australian outback, and the Yukon. They also have an area called Gorilla Mountain, which houses…Continue Reading

A Bugs Life: Creepy-Crawlies in Germany

slug Germany

Bugs! They’re (mostly) disgusting! They’re also everywhere; especially here in Germany. This post contains a (blurry) photo of a spider, so if you don’t want to see that…turn away now!   …OK, just the brave folks left? Great! Of all the stereotypes I’d heard about Germany before moving here, “there’s a lot of bugs” definitely wasn’t one of them. It’s…Continue Reading