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Escaping Reality, One Adventure at a Time

I’ve always found real life to be incredibly boring. If there are multiple universes, then I have been done a great cosmic injustice. I was destined for a universe full of magic, adventure, and maybe the occasional dragon, not this world of 40 hour work weeks, bills, and monotony. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always… Continue reading Escaping Reality, One Adventure at a Time

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Getting “Old” Isn’t So Bad

I’m almost thirty. Nearly halfway, in fact, to that notorious birthday every woman is supposed regard with pure dread. In just six short months, certain fashion choices will suddenly be off-limits to me, I will go from “Miss” to “Ma’am,” and no one will ever card me again for alcohol, unless of course I’m with a younger… Continue reading Getting “Old” Isn’t So Bad

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And Then It Dawned On Me…

Many people talk about changing for the better as though a sudden realization hit them out of nowhere, forcing them to embark on a journey of self-improvement, never to look back. But for many of us, our shortcomings have always been obvious to us, with no moment of clarity needed. They sit on our shoulders, whispering reminders of our imperfections in our… Continue reading And Then It Dawned On Me…

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“There’s no other witnesses…”

There’s no other witnesses, just us two…” I say, after turning away and crossing my arms against the biting cold. Of all the places, why the hedge maze? Why outside, in November? At least it’s not snowing… “…so?” she squeaks; the way her voice cracks is irritating. “So…don’t get too excited, because it doesn’t count.… Continue reading “There’s no other witnesses…”