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A Trump Victory is a Loss for Humanity

A Trump Victory is a Loss for Humanity

Like many Americans today, I am devastated. Not just because “the other side won,” but because of what a Trump victory says about my country, and what it means for our future. President Obama’s eight years gave me hope that we weren’t as bad as the rest of the world thought we were. After all, if we could elect Obama in a landslide, wasn’t that a sign that progressive values were winning against regressive, conservative views?

I was never deluded enough to think racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. were “over”, but I was naive enough to think that Obama was a turning point.

How wrong I was.

It’s absolutely terrifying to think that I live in a country with 59,389,590 (and counting) people who voted for someone so blatantly vile.

I am truly scared for all of my friends and family who are minorities, LGBTQ+, and women. Four years is enough time for him to do serious damage while his party has control of the House and Senate. Whomever he chooses for the Supreme Court will have a profound impact on this country for decades.

His likely Administrator of the EPA is a climate change denier.

This election has shown me that I’ve been living in a safe, liberal bubble. I thought we were moving away from being a nation of bigots, but it seems enough of the voting population sees things differently. I hope we can get through the next four years, but right now, everything looks so bleak.

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